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The year in Internet events



Major data breach of Verizon customer accounts

Passwords of 500,000 vehicle location devices leaked online

Apple launches Face ID (with a glitch!)

Transport for London refuse Uber a new operating licence

When visitors access websites, their computers are secretly hijacked to generate cryptocoins


Mass attacks with ransomware called Bad Rabbit

Harvey Weinstein:

#Metoo movement:


China makes big investment in Facial Recognition

Amazon Key introduced - and cracked in no time

Mozilla releases second largest publicly available voice dataset into public domain:


Trump repeals net neutrality in US.

The Mirai Botnet that took down the internet in 2016 turns out to be from three college kids in Alaska

Worst passwords of the year revealed. Depressing:

Windows Hello Face Authentication Bypassed - with a picture!\



Pope Francis covers his iPad camera for opsec


Trump taunts Kim Jung on twitter - my nuclear button is bigger than yours…

Strava App maps military bases

Aadhar information of a billion people sold for £6.

Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkout


Hacker strikes ‘Stalkerware’ companies, stealing alleged texts and GPS locations of customers


Amazon Alexa “Creepy Laugh”

Cambridge Analytica scandal

British Airways announce Facial Recognition at check-in

Fatal Uber and Tesla car crashes

Google uses its Deepmind AI in US military drones.

Details of 150 million users of MyFitnessPal app leaked


Mozilla launches Internet Health Report

Facebook seeks facial recognition consent in EU and Canada

European Union launches GDPR

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before US Congress committees:

TSB computer failure

WhatsApp Founder quits Facebook due to changes in Whatsapp privacy policies.

Amazon launches Echo Dot Kids’ Edition with enhanced Disney and Pixar content:

UK has six months to rewrite snooper's charter, high court rules

Trump and Kanye West Share Praise-Filled Tweets. And, Apparently, ‘Dragon Energy.’

The Twitter alternative Mastodon got launched

Wikipedia got blocked in Turkey:


Facebook promises to publish its Internal Enforcement Guidelines

Amazon’s Latest Security Device Let People Spy on us

Google Duplex unveiled:

Chelsea Manning is released from military prison

China exports Facial recognition to Africa

Siri and Alexa can be hacked through command words hidden in songs

Yanny or Laurel?

Net neutrality advocates gain symbolic win as Senate votes to save Obama rules


1.2 million Dixon Carphone customer accounts compromised

Tapplock Smart Lock hacked (again)\@evstykas/totally-pwning-the-tapplock-smart-lock-the-api-way-c8d89915f025

Yet another story of insecure security cameras...

VISA hardware fails and transactions declined

Data breach affects nearly 5% of Ticketmaster customers

Uber granted a 15 month operating licence in London

Union wins challenge to gig economy self-employment status

UN criticises Welsh police over use of facial recognition to monitor public demonstrations


Indian government complains to WhatsApp after a year of Fake News leading to killings.

A milestone for Chrome security: marking HTTP as “not secure”

Cher's Twitter Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet, in Case You're Wondering

Roomba will monetize the maps that it has made from your home


Apple becomes world's first trillion-dollar company

August 7th - Elon Musk tweets TESLA is going private

August 25th - Tesla tweets staying public

Smartphone-only bank Monzo eyes billion-pound valuation

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is banned from Twitter (for a week)

Facebook rumoured to be developing its own voice recognition, ‘Aloha’, and a smart speaker, ‘Portal’:

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won (California privacy law)

The Syrian officials comfirm that the Open Web Activist Bassel Khartabil Executed by the Syrian Regime